Rhapsody In Taps, is a Los Angeles based touring company, featuring seven tap dancers, six jazz musicians and guest artists. The modern dance background of Artistic Director/Choreographer, Linda Sohl-Ellison, is reflected in Rhapsody In Taps' diverse repertoire, which pays tribute to the rich heritage of tap as well as exploring innovative choreographic directions for the concert stage. Rhapsody In Taps has been a leader in the tap resurgence that began in the 1980's. Founded in 1981, Rhapsody In Taps has a rich history of creating over 60 original works all performed with live music. The company has also enjoyed performances and colaborations with some of Americas' Tap Masters, including a very special choreographic project with Gregory Hines during the creation of his 1990 work for RIT,
"Toeing the 3rd and Fifth," supported by the NEA.

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Rhapsody In Taps' Artists & Board of Directors invite you to make a difference! Net proceeds to support choreography and performance for free children's show and public concerts.

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